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Akarui LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit



Extremely High LED Brightness

Clear 6000K cool white light 4.800 LMs each LED bulb.

Total power of 9.600 LMs which is about 260% brighter than the average light and does not have a glare.


Made to last pretty much forever.

Heat Sink Design

Cold-Pressed Alumimum body with 15.000 RPM DUAL TurboCool fan. Twice as much force as generic LED.

Waterproof Efficient

Shock-Proof and Waterproof protection with aviation aluminum as cooling system, fanless, noiseless, ensuring headlight bulbs excellent performance.

Has a waterproof level of IP67. CanBUS Ready -- Work Great with any vehicle CPU that supports CanBUS.

Plug-N-Play Installation

Easy step-by-step plug and play installation and instructions.

We offer "TWO YEAR" warranty and LIFETIME support.

Cut through the night like a knife with the new Akarui Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit. Bursting onto the scene, Akarui disrupts the paradigm with an LED bulb that is 30 percent brighter than its best-selling competitor utilizing an exclusive adjustment technology.

The Akarui CREE LED headlights form an unbeatable combination while still coming in less expensive than the competition.

With or without fog, LED headlights are constantly dealing with a scattered beam. Akarui uses only the best components sourced from CREE including some of the brightest LED bulbs around. 

But Akarui still manages to take all the heavy lifting even out of the easiest tasks with a plug-and-play design. With an True CanBUS-Ready system, compatibility is not an issue. Whether single or double-beam, Akarui offers a durable product that reacts instantaneously. 

As you pull up, your ice white lights will shine like daylight with just the slightest touch of blue. The 6000 K color temperature provides a striking look that will let everyone else know you have arrived. With each bulb putting out 4800 lumens, every corner and blindspot will be revealed. 

An LED headlight kit claiming to be bright is par for the course, but Akarui backs it up with impressive qualities. Using some of the best headlight bulbs, this conversion kit puts out 9600 total lumens. The wide beam pattern spreads the light so even small critters on the side of the road are visible. The bulbs run at 55W with a dual ball-bearing fan design that keeps running temps low. In fact, the Dual TurboCool fan spins at 15000 rpms with a cold-pressed aluminum body heat sink. 

Akarui sources their LED components from top manufacturer CREE to guarantee the best results without fail. The CREE XHP70 LED puts out twice the total light as the CREE MK-R at the same power levels. To help adjust the beam, the Akarui also comes equipped with the CREE CPS1860 chip so that the beam is focused and directed without a scattering effect. The IC control driver is also responsible for coordinating the with the DUAL TurboCool fan system. 

When buying LED lights for cars, you do not necessarily think about how strong they are. Thankfully, Akarui is way ahead of you as they use 6363 aluminum alloy of the headlight's body. To make sure that your LED headlights can handle anything you throw at them, they are also IP67 water and dustproof. In fact, these bad boys can handle anything from -40 degrees to over 80 degrees Celsius. 

Because you do not want to have to keep worrying about replacing your headlights, the Akarui LED conversion kit comes with a 2-year warranty and is rated for 50000+ hours of use. On top of that, the CanBUS-Ready bulb and standard sizing make any Akarui choice a good one. And of course, the Akarui headlights make sure to keep you within street-legal temperatures while still drifting into the cooler end of the spectrum. 

LED Chip CPS1860
Lumens/Bulb 4800 
Wattage/Bulb 55W 
Color Temp 6000 - 6500 K
Voltage 10-30V 
Cooling 15.000 RPM
Certifications  IP67, RoHS
Body 6363 Aluminum
Lifetime 50000+ Hours

Tips and Tricks 
All vehicles will need an Anti-Flicker Resistor Harness--regardless the brand of LED bulb. Akarui sells one for $19.99

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